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AirTycoon Online 2 version history

Version Release date Summary of Features
1.5.0 April, 24, 2016 1.5.0

New Features:

  • Easy Way for an airport change in a city
  • (iOS Only)Link ATO2 to Game Center Login to ATO 2 account via Game Center


  • Change of aircraft performance data of several aircraft, namely capacity and price:

A321-200  (from 220 PAX up to 236 PAX, Price from 109,000K up to 115,000K)

A320neo   (from 150 PAX up to 189 PAX, Price from 73,000K up to 103,000K)

A330-200   (from 380 PAX down to 320 PAX, Price from 194,000K down to 164,000K)

A330-200F (from 70 tons down to 60 tons, Price from 192,000K down to 152,000K)

A330-300   (from 440 PAX down to 378 PAX, Price from 228,000K down to 201,000K)

A340-200   (from 350 PAX down to 338 PAX, Price from 185,000K down to 175,000K)

A340-300   (from 380 PAX down to 378 PAX, Price remains at 203,000K)

A340-500   (from 410 PAX down to 405 PAX, Price from 221,000K down to 218,000K)

A340-600   (from 440 PAX up to 475 PAX, Price from 240,000K up to 260,000K)

A350-800   (from 440 PAX down to 336 PAX, Price from 245,000K down to 179,000K)

A350-900   (from 475 PAX down to 390 PAX, Price from 270,000K down to 230,000K)

A350-900F (from 78 tons down to 70 tons, Price from 259,000K down to 218,000K)

A350-1000  (from 550 PAX down to 440 PAX, Price from 317,000K down to 326,000K)

A380-800    (from 700 PAX up to 800 PAX, Price from 400,000K up to 440,000K)

A380-800F  (from 140 tons up to 154 tons, Price from 382,000K up to 412,000K)

B767-200    (from 255 PAX up to 290 PAX, Price from 160,000K up to 164,000K)

B787-3   - they mentioned it as updated aircraft, but I can´t find any differences! Anybody know?

B787-3F  - they mentioned it as updated aircraft, but I can´t find any differences! Anybody know?

B787-8    (from 290 PAX up to 380 PAX, Price from 166,000K up to 211,000K)

B787-9    (from 330 PAX up to 420 PAX, Price from 190,000K up to 237,000K)

Bug Fixes:

  • Administration / Change All function works now also for Favorite Routes
1.4.0 October 30, 2015




From new channels starting after this update released, some rules of the game will change.

  • Every turn period will change to 2 hours.
  • The end turn will be changed from 840 turn (Jan. 2030) to 720 turn (Jan. 2020).
  • Daily reward will be removed. Users will get a credit for everyday login.
Bug Fixes
  • On the function of Manage All Routes on favorite routes.
1.3.1 October 19, 2015


Bug Fixes
  • On Chinese language problems.
  • On some minor bugs.
1.3.0 October 2, 2015



New Features:

  • Favorite Route Registering and Sorting by touching yellow star on the route list.
  • City Promotion - Now users will get a promotion card every year. Using a promotion card and some money on a city enables to get more passengers on every route from the city for 3 months. A user can hold up to 4 promotion cards. Once a player use the card on the city, they cannot use it for 2 years on the same city.


  • iOS 9 support.
Bug Fixes
  • On some minor bugs.
1.2.0 August 24, 2015



New Features:

Bug Fixes
  • On some minor bugs.
1.1.0 July 10, 2015



New Features:

  • Autosave of airplane's seat configuration and reloading.
  • Enable to sell unused planes at a time.
  • If airplanes' remaining lifetime is less than -60 months (300 months since they enter service), they cannot be in service.


  • Show depreciation cost of planes on the financial report view.
Bug Fixes
  • On some minor bugs.
1.0.6 May 14, 2015


Bug Fixes
  • On airplanes' 3-D modeling.
  • On updating rankings.
1.0.5 May 1, 2015




  • Show the charge for airport facilities by airport.
  • Enable to remove all alarms.
  • Touch problems.


  • Now it takes 6 hours to build an airport (the time has been reduced by half).
  • Doubled fuel tank storage per tank (now it is 40Ml).
  • Under the condition of player level 5 and 1960s, slot request time is 7.5 min. and airplane order time is 15 min.
Bug Fixes
  • On some minor bugs.
1.0.1 April 12, 2015




  • Instant upgrading of airports.
  • The difficulty of the landing simulation game has got harder.


  • Remove unwanted selected city canceled while touching on the map.
  • Add multiple routes on the landing simulation.
  • Introduced a smart settings of initial airfare if a route is a competitive route or not.
  • Autosave settings for counter, office and storage on the first slot request.
  • Show routes from the second city when opening a stopover route.
Bug Fixes
  • On a problem that there is not a slot in the arrival city when creating a route in a tutorial.
  • On a problem that the landing simulation game cannot be over.
  • On some laguage errors.
  • On many bugs.
1.0.0 March 20, 2015


New Release



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