Vancouver is a medium sized city located in the western part of Canada. It has moderate business and tourism ratings that range from between 100 to 250. Usually, the tourism ratings are often higher than the business ratings. The city will host the 1986 World Exhibition which will last for three months. Passenger travel in and out of the city will experience a huge boom during these three months of the exhibition.


The default airport here is Vancouver International Airport (YVR).


This medium sized city is not a very good place to make a hub out of. Although there are plenty of good cities to connect to east (e.g. New York) and south (e.g. Los Angeles) of the city. There are only a handful to the west and north like Honolulu or Anchorage. Asian cities require long ranged aircrafts which are often expensive and not worth flying into Vancouver due to it's lukewarm ratings. Therefore, location of the city is an issue when it comes to making this place as a hub. Cargo operations into this city are generally not recommended. Competition in this city is scarce but not unheard of. Fortunately, Vancouver can sustain competition, but only to a limited degree. One or two competitors are fine. But if there are more than that, it is best to consider suspending the route.

Vancouver International Airport usually achieves a level 5 status by the end of a game and nothing more. As such, second and third airports are usually unnecessary and are a waste of valuable credits. Purchasing Vancouver International Airport is also not recommended as better alternatives usually exist elsewhere that may bring in more profits for the same amount of credits.

Passenger planes used here can be of any capacity and range provided that the satisfaction at the time of purchase is high. However, very large planes like the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747 are best avoided to minimise cost and depreciation. If a player really wants to fly cargo routes, it is best to use only small sized aircraft, such as the Boeing 737F, and fly to cities with high business ratings.

A player can take advantage of the 1986 World Exhibition by adding temporary planes and/or raising prices to passenger flights in and out of the city to boost income during the three months of the exhibition.

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