The Summer Olympic Games is a prestigious global event held once every four years in selected host cities in the game. Cities which hosts the Games will always experience a huge boom in passenger travel on the month of the Games and airlines can take advantage of this by adding extra planes and/or raising prices on routes to host cities in order to rake in extra revenue. News Reports on the Summer Olympic Games are often announced eight months before the start of the event, giving time for players to make as many flights as possible to the host cities.

Report Content

Summer Olympic Games will be held in <City Name>(<Country of the city>) in <month of the Games>

List of Host Cities

The table below shows a list of of host cities together with the date that the report is received and the date the Summer Olympic Games are held. It is arranged in chronological order from 1960 to 2020.

Note: The table is still incomplete. You can help by adding entries or by adding hyper-links to the cities.

Host City Country Date News Report is Received Date Games is Held
Tokyo Japan 1964.02 1964.10
Mexico City Mexico 1968.02 1968.10
Munich Germany 1971.12 1972.08
Montreal Canada 1975.11 1976.07
Moscow Russia 1979.11 1980.07
Los Angeles USA 1983.11 1984.07
Seoul South Korea 1988.01 1988.09
Barcelona Spain 1991.11 1992.07
Atlanta USA 1995.11 1996.07
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