Rome is a large city located in Italy. As the capital of Italy, the city boasts very high tourism and business ratings that often exceed 300 or more each. Rome will host the 1990 World Cup and the number of travellers going in and out of the city will increase greatly during the month of the major event.


Name : Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport 



Runway :

07/25 3,300m Asphalt

16R/34L 3,900m Asphalt

16L/34R 3,900m Asphalt

16C/34C 3,600m Asphalt

Coordinates : 41°48′01"N 012°14'20"E


The airport is named after Leonardo da Vinci, a renowned polymath who made enormous contribution in the field of science, art, literature, astronomy and many more. He was sometimes credited with the invention of the of the parachute, helicopter and tank.


Rome is one of the most famous cities in the game and many players would not hesitate to make this place as their hub. This brings about very intense competition that sometimes may involve four or five airlines on a single route. While the city may be well rated to sustain the competition, it is best to stay away from all the price wars by avoiding making Rome as your first hub, especially for beginners. Despite this, Rome is strategically positioned in Europe and routes to many large cities within Europe (e.g. Moscow andParis), Asia (e.g. Beijing and Bangkok), Africa (e.g. Cairo and Cape Town) and North America (e.g. Chicagoand Atlanta) can be made and are able to bring about huge profits. However, the best routes out of a large city such as Rome are usually the monopolised connections to medium sized cities such as Jeddah,Lisbon, Stockholm and New Orleans as these routes tend to make more money and are easier to sustain compared to routes to large cities with heavy or difficult competition, especially during an economic crisis.

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport will achieve maximum slot usage within 10 to 15 years into the game due to many players wanting to make a large number of routes into and out of Rome, thus raising the demand for slots. This makes the national airport a valuable option for players to get as the owner of the airport will have access to huge profits once the airport is at a level 8 status. This high demand of slots will mean that additional airports will be needed in the city. Players are encouraged to try to build a second (or a third) airport here as soon as possible as it is highly likely that such airports will attain a high status (around a level 6 or 7) by the end of the game.

Because of the huge amounts of travellers and cargo moving in and our of the city, large capacity planes are recommended when players plan to fly to large cities. Good examples include the Boieng 747, Airbus A380 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. These planes should also have a high satisfaction in order to gain an edge when dealing with competitors. When flying to small or medium sized cities, medium capacity planes are advised. Aircraft like the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8, Airbus A310 and the Boeing 757 are suitable planes that may be used for these routes. Small capacity planes are not recommended as the huge amount of cargo and passengers will surely overwhelm the tiny capacity of the planes, these will lead to more than one plane needed to service the route and thus results in increased depreciation of an airline.

A player may take advantage of the 1990 World Cup by adding extra temporary planes and/or raising prices on routes out of Rome during the month of the event in order to rake in bonus revenue.

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