The "Rising Tour Destination" is a News Report that will show up on fixed dates on the World Airline News to announce that a city is beginning to gain popularity among tourists. Business and tourism ratings will increase shortly afterwards. This report is often made for cities with a low initial ratings. After the report, ratings can increase by a small amount, which barely makes a difference, or jack up a lot, which makes a lowly rated city suddenly become very popular with many players.

Report Content

<City Name>(<Country of the city>) is beginning to gain attention as a new travel destination. The number of travellers to the city are increasing.

List of Cities

The table below shows a list of of cities which will obtain the news report together with the date that it is received. It is arranged in chronological order from 1960 to 2020.

Note: The table is still incomplete. You can help by adding entries or by adding hyper-links to the cities.

City Country Date News Report is Received
Phuket Thailand 1960.03
Honolulu USA 1960.09
Denpasar Indonesia 1961.01
Kota Kinabalu Malaysia 1961.06
Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago 1961.07
Sapporo Japan 1961.08
Dubai UAE 1962.08
Buffalo USA 1963.02
Chennai India 1964.01
Nassau Bahamas 1964.04
Port Louis Mauritius 1965.05
Dusseldorf Germany 1965.06
Las Vegas USA 1966.06
Miami USA 1966.07
Orlando USA 1966.08
Nanjing China 1967.07
Belize City Belize 1969.02
Toronto Canada 1969.03
San Jose Costa Rica 1969.06
Santiago de Cuba Cuba 1971.09
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 1971.12
Kona USA 1972.11
Bridgetown Barbados 1973.01
Kingston Jamaica 1974.11
Geroge Town Cayman Islands 1990.04
San Juan Puerto Rico 1993.05
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