Orlando is a large sized city located in the south-eastern portion of USA. It has very high tourism ratings that often exceed 350, but have lower, but still considered high, business ratings that rage from between 150 and 280. Orlando is one of the few cities that will receive the "Rising Tour Destination" News Report and both ratings will increase shortly afterwards.


Name : Orlando International Airport
Runway :

  • 17L/35R 9,001 2,743 Concrete
  • 17R/35L 10,000 3,048 Concrete
  • 18L/36R 12,005 3,659 Asphalt/Concrete
  • 18R/36L 12,004 3,659 Concrete

Coordinates : 28°25′46″N 81°18′32″W
Airport Chart : Coming Soon


Orlando is primarily a tourist city. It's business ratings will become considerably high later in the game, but for most times in the beginning, the tourism ratings are double or triple the ratings for business. This makes cargo routes not favourable for many players, although it can still be run while making decent profits. This results in competition in the city being relatively light compared with other similar cities. In addition, the city can also sustain heavy competition, especially tourism. As such, beginners are advised to open a hub here as they can ensure fast and consistent airline growth with the right steps.

It's location in the south makes it good for routes to South America (although the real strong South American cities like Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires are still quite far away), or Africa (e.g. Casablanca / Lagos), and long ranged planes can open up the European market (e.g. London and Istanbul) for many airlines, but Orlando generally serves better as a destination rather than as a hub. It's high tourism numbers rarely go unnoticed for long, and it tends to attract competition for those looking to make some easy profits, but establishing a strong presence here early can cause others to look to Miami rather than go head-to-head in a cost cutting battle. If competition gets too tough, airlines may opt to monopolise routes to medium sized cities like Tucson, Vancouver and Hamburg as alternatives as these flights tend to generate a higher -and consistent income compared to competition-laden routes to large cities.

Orlando International Airport does not tend to reach maximum capacity due to many players going for nearby Miami. The airport still does attain a high status of around a level 6 or 7 (sometimes a level 8), although this usually occurs late in the game. As such, buying this airport from the national government is not recommended, but can be considered when all better airports are no longer available to the player. Second (or third) airports are best left for the national government to construct as these airports will rarely attain a status beyond a level 4 and this is usually not worth the 40 credits (30 in the case of a third airport) needed for the construction.

Like Miami, Orlando can have profitable Concorde routes from Europe, but they won't survive serious competition. Don't waste planes with large business class sections on routes to Orlando, as you will have to discount the fare heavily to attract a decent number of passengers. When flying to cities of any size for passenger operations, medium to large capacity planes such as the Boeing 767, Airbus A300, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and the Boeing 747 are recommended. Small passenger planes are not recommended as the large number of travellers out of the city will overwhelm the tiny capacity of the planes. This results in multiple aircraft being needed to service the routes, which will lead to increased depreciation. For cargo operations, planes of small to medium capacity like the Boeing 737F, Airbus A310F and the Tupolev Tu-204C are recommended. Avoid large capacity cargo planes to keep depreciation to a minimum.

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