Munich is a large city located in Germany. The city has very high business ratings that often exceed 300 or more. The tourism rating is lower but is still classified as high as the ratings often range from between 200 and 300. Munich is one of the few cities to host multiple events, which are the 1972 Summer Olympic Games and the 1974 World Cup. Traveller numbers will increase greatly during the month of the two events.


The default airport here is Munich Airport (MUC).


In real life, Munich Airport only commenced operations in 1992. Prior to this, the city was served by the Munich-Riem Airport. Munich-Riem closed on May 16, 1992 as the new airport opened.


Munich is very popular city for many players due to its high ratings. Competition often can get very intense in this city. For this reason, beginners are advised not to open a hub here. However, a player starting here can take advantage of a few plus points in this city. Firstly, Munich can sustain heavy competition very well, especially cargo operations. Secondly, the city's excellent position in Europe allows profitable routes to me made to cities in the continent itself (e.g. Moscow and London), Africa (e.g. Cairo and Cape Town), Asia (e.g. Dubai and Chengdu) and North America (e.g. Atlanta and Chicago). Usually the best flights out of this highly rated city are often the monopolised flights to medium sized cities like Oslo, Vienna, Alexandria and Jeddah as these routes tend to generate more income than flights to large cities with has much competition.

Munich Airport will usually achieve maximum slot capacity within 25 or 30 years into the game. Due the huge demand for slots, additional airports may be required and can be built by the national government or by another player. It is a good idea to purchase Munich Airport from the national government as huge profits are a good incentive. Constructing second (or third) airports are best left to the national government as the status of the airport will usually not go beyond a level 3 or 4.

As both cargo and passenger routes are very popular with many players and will result in heavy competition when flying to large cities, the best planes to counter this obstacle would be the ones with a large capacity and a high satisfaction such as the Airbus A380, Boeing 747 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Flights to small and medium cities should utilise medium capacity planes such as the Airbus A300, Boeing 767, Boeing 787 and the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. Small capacity planes is not recommended in order to avoid over-occupied flights which may require multiple planes to alleviate the situation. This will result in increased depreciation.

A player can take advantage of the 1972 Summer Olympics and the 1974 World Cup to increase revenue by adding temporary aircraft and/or raising prices on routes to and from Munich.

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