Luxembourg is a medium to large city-state located in Europe, between Belgium, Germany and France. The city has very high business ratings that sometimes exceed 400, but have lower tourism levels that hover around 200 or lower.


The default airport here is Luxembourg-Findel Airport (LUX).


Luxembourg is one of the best cities to run a cargo business. It's high business ratings and strategic location in Europe means players are able to connect to cities in North America, Eastern Europe and sometimes as far as East Asia. Passenger business is also a profitable business and long range routes from large cities are sustainable due to the good tourism ratings. Competition in the city is manageable as many players often fly here instead of starting a hub. However, the city is not very good at sustaining routes with intense competition of 4 or 5 players. As such, if a player finds themselves in such a situation, it is generally better to close the route rather than to fight for it. One of the most popular use of this city is as a stopover from Asia to North America or vice versa.

Luxembourg-Findel Airport often can attain maximum slot usage, but this occurs quite late into the game (probably after 1990 or 2000). As such, this airport is an ideal choice if a player is seeking to purchase a national airport around this time frame. The airport is cheaper if purchased during an economic crisis, which is likely to occur between 1990 and 2000. Second and third airports are not recommended as this city is not very favourable to many players, thus limiting the level status of the additional airports. As a result, the money and credits invested in the airport may not be worthwhile for most players.

The city is more suited to run cargo operations to. Recommended aircraft include the Boeing 707-320F early on in the game, Airbus A310F or Boeing 767-300F in the middle and Airbus A350-900F or Antonov An-70 late into the game. Passenger planes of any type can be used as long as the satisfaction at the time of purchase is high.

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