London is a large sized city in the UK. Like New York and Los Angeles, it has very high business and tourism ratings, which regularly exceed 350 or more each. Due to the high ratings and its location, it is one of the most popular stating hubs for many players. It is the only city in the UK which has a very high tourism ratings compared to other UK cities. London is one of the few cities that will host multiple events over the course of the game as the city will host the 1966 World Cup in June that year and the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. During the month of these events, London will experience a huge boom in passenger travel in and out of the city during the two events.


The default airport here is London Heathrow Airport (LHR).


Because of it's high ratings and good location in Europe, it is considered one of the best locations to start an airline. Due to this, heavy competition is no stranger here. Beginners are strongly advised not to start here. Like many other major cities, the best routes are usually the ones to the medium sized cities (e.g Washington, Hamburg and Alexandria) with ratings of around 150 to 250 as long as the player can maintain a good monopoly. It's strategic position in Europe enables it to be connected to many large and small cities alike all around the world (e.g. Boston, Moscow and Seoul), so there is an abundance of routes for many players. The advice above also applies to cargo routes. Passenger and cargo traffic will be heavy from London so the player may need larger or more planes to service any routes especially to large cities.

Heathrow Airport will usually attain maximum slot usage within the first 5 to 10 years of the game. As a result, secondary (and sometimes tertiary) airports are often built by the national government or by other players. Second and tertiary airports can also sometimes both attain maximum slot usage, resulting in other players being unable to open any more routes to the city. As such, it is recommended to build the second airport as soon a one is able to do so in order to achieve the possible benefits and profits once the primary airport is full. Once a player is able to buy national airports, Heathrow Airport should be a first choice.

The best passenger planes in and out of this city are usually the ones with high satisfaction and are able to ferry a lot of passengers. Examples are the Airbus A380, McDonnell Douglas MD-11 and the Boeing 747. Medium sized planes, like the McDonnell Douglas DC-10, Boeing 767 and the Airbus A340, should be used on routes to small or medium sized cities. Smaller planes are not advised as the city's high ratings may require multiple similar planes to serve the route and thus increasing depreciation. For cargo routes, reasonably medium to large planes like the Airbus A300-600F, Boeing 777-F and Tupolev Tu-204C are acceptable on most routes in and out of London.

A player may also take advantage of the 1966 World Cup and the 2012 Summer Olympics to rake in more revenue by adding additional planes and/or raising prices on routes to and out of London temporarily during the months of these events.

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