The Ilyushin IL-114 is a Soviet-made twin-engined turboprop airliner that was designed for short ranged routes. It was introduced in 1998, but was not very popular. As of today, there has only been 20 of such aircraft built and currently there is only one operator of the IL-114. In game, the only variant available is the original IL-114.


The only variant of the IL-114 available is the base version.


The Ilyushin IL-114.

Class: Economy only

Maximum Capacity: 64

Range: 1400 km

Engines: Soloviev D-30KU

Fuel Efficiency: 6.1

Cruise Speed: 0.40 mach

Length: 26.8m

Height: 8.3m

Wing Span: 30.0m

Lifespan: 20 years

Price: $28,000K

Introduction: 1991.12

Production End: 2014.09

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