Honolulu is a medium to large sized US city located on a string of islands (Hawaii) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The city has very high tourism levels that often exceed 350. The business ratings, however, fall in the low to moderate range of about 100. Honolulu is one of the few cities to receive the "Rising Tour Destination" News Report and the tourism ratings will increase greatly shortly afterwards.


The default airport here is Honolulu International Airport (HNL).


High tourism levels make this city a popular destination to fly to. However, using this place as a hub is a very difficult thing to do early in the game. This city, together with Kona, is relatively isolated compared to other US cities. Competition for passenger routes are generally not too bad as the city can sustain one or two competitors. Cargo operations to and/or from this city should be avoided as the low business ratings and the need for long ranged and expensive planes makes such routes generally unprofitable especially during an economic crisis. The city is popular as a stopover between cities in Asia and North America.

Honolulu International Airport, although popular, usually does not achieve a status beyond level 4. This is due to it's isolation and lack of cities nearby, which causes slot demand in the city to be low as players flying to Honolulu does not require many slots for medium to long ranged routes. Therefore, purchasing the national airport is highly discouraged as better airports may exist elsewhere. Additional airports are unnecessary and should also not be built by any players who value credits and cash.

Honolulu's isolation means aircraft flying here must have the ability to travel quite far, although aircraft capacity is not an issue. Examples of suitable planes include the Airbus A330, Boeing 787, Ilyushin IL-62 and McDonnell Douglas DC-10. For cargo, aircraft should be able to travel long distances and have a small capacity. Few aircraft this type are available, but there are examples that include the Airbus A310-300F and the Boeing 767-300F.

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