Charlotte is a large city located in the eastern portion of USA. The city boast very high business and tourism ratings that often exceed more than 250 or more each. Normally, the tourism rating is higher than the business ratings.


The default airport here is Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (CLT).


Competition in Charlotte can be heavy due to its popularity among players, but it will not be as intense as some of the larger cities like New York or Los Angeles due to players preferring to start at nearby Atlanta. In addition, the city has the ability to sustain the heavy competition. Beginners are neither encouraged or discouraged to start here and should consider this city carefully by knowing their abilities if they plan to open a hub here. Charlotte is in a very good spot to establish flights to many great cities. Examples include Phoenix, Miami (USA), Madrid, London (Europe), Sao Paulo, Santiago (South America) and even to Tokyo and Seoul (Asia) with the appropriate long ranged aircraft. Despite this, monopolised flights to medium sized cities like Ottawa, Hamilton and San Jose are encouraged instead as these routes tend to less likely to be subject to competition, thereby generating more revenue than flights to large cities with many competitors.

Charlotte/Douglas International Airport will achieve maximum slot usage within 10 to 15 years into the game as the city is a favourite city for many airlines to fly to. This makes the airport a very good choice for purchase from the national government during the 1970s and 1980s by any players who has accumulated enough funds and credits to do so. Second (usually not the third) airports are often necessary, as a result of a huge demand of slots for the city. Building additional airports here is neither encouraged or discouraged as the additional airports in Charlotte can sometimes attain a high status of a level 6 or 7 to not going beyond a level 3 in some cases. Therefore, players should consider their options carefully when seeking to build a second airport here. One good indicator to make a decision is to note the time taken for the airport to attain maximum slot usage. If it can achieve this status within 10 years, then building a second airport is possible. Otherwise, avoid Charlotte and search for other alternatives.

Players planning to fly routes to large cities for passenger or cargo operations, with or without competition, should utilise aircraft with a large capacity and a high satisfaction. Great examples include the Airbus A380, Boeing 747 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11. When flying to small and medium sized cities, players should use medium capacity planes like the Boeing 767, Airbus A310, Lockheed L-1011 and the Tupolev Tu-204. Long ranged planes such as the Boeing 777, Ilyushin IL-96 and the Airbus A330 can be used to reach Asian and European cities to expand the route market in Charlotte. Aircraft with a small capacity should be avoided in order to minimise the number of planes on each route to lessen the depreciation of an airline.

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