Boston is a large sized city in the north-eastern portion of USA. It is a well balanced city with tourism and business ratings that usually start around 200, but can climb to 300 or more for each. The city will host the 1980 Winter Olympic Games and tourist numbers will increase greatly during the month of the Games. In real-life, the 1980 Winter Olympics are actually held in Lake Placid, New York.


Name : Logan International Airport



Runways : 4L/22R (2,396m), 4R/22L (3,050m), 9/27 (2,134m), 14/32 (1,524m), 15L/33R (779m) and 15R/33L (3,073m) - all runways are asphalt.


In real-life, Logan International Airport opened on September 8, 1923 and is currently the 18th busiest airport in the United States with 31.6 million passengers per year. The airport was named after Lt. General Edward Lawrence Logan, a Spanish-American war officer from South Boston who played an active role in World War I.


Boston has good ratings, but is often underused. As such it can be a good starter city for a beginner. Because of its far north-east position, it is closer to Europe than any major North American City and as such can make more connections early in the game where the range of available aircraft can be restricting. It can make good connections to Europe (e.g. London and Frankfurt) and can be used to make many profitable routes all over North America (e.g. Denver and San Francisco), but until long range planes become available, it won't be useful for direct flights to Asia. Competition to major US cities like Los Angeles and Houston can be expected, but with proper management and pricing, those routes should remain profitable as the city can sustain the heavy competition. Boston can make excellent connections to 2nd tier west coast cities like Phoenix, San Diego, and Seattle, and users can probably expect a monopoly on shorter routes to mid sized mid-western cities like Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and if lucky, to the tourist-rich areas of Florida (Miami, Orlando, Tampa) and the Caribbean like Kingston.

Logan International Airport will often attain maximum slot usage within 10 to 15 years into the game.This makes the airport an excellent option when a player is seeking to purchase an airport from the national government. Despite the need of a second airport, it is generally better to leave that to the national government as second airports often will not attain a status above a level 4 or 5 and will usually not worth the 40 (30 in the case of a third airport) credits that the player would pay for.

Like many major cities, large capacity planes with high satisfaction are ideal for routes to large cities. Examples include the Airbus A380, Boeing 747, Boeing 777 and the Airbus A330. Medium sized planes like the Boeing 757 and the Airbus A310 should be able to offer good profits to west coast cities even in off-peak months at the start of the game. Cargo operations are possible out of Boston, and with many high business rated cities close by, users should be spoiled for choice when choosing a destination. The best planes for this job are often the ones with a medium to large capacity like the McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F, Airbus A300-600F and the Ilyushin IL-96T.

A player can take advantage of the 1980 Winter Olympics to increase revenue by adding temporary planes and/or raising prices on routes leading in and out of Boston during the month of the Games.

Vital statistics
Airport Name Logan International Airport
Business 300-450
Tourism 250-350
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