The Boeing 717 (otherwise known as the McDonnell Douglas MD-95) was an American-made narrow-bodied twin-engined jet airliner that was designed to fly short routes. It is known to be McDonnell Douglas's last project before merging with Boeing. Many people thought that Boeing would cancel the MD-95 project, but instead they continued it under a different name, the Boeing 717. It was introduced in 1999. In game and in real life, there is only one variant of the B717.


In game, there is only one variant of the Boeing 717.


The Boeing 717-200. (Otherwise known as MD-95.

Class: Business/Economy

Maximum Capacity: 117

Range: 3815 km

Engines: Rolls Royce BR-715

Fuel Efficiency: 7,9

Cruise Speed: 0.77 mach

Length: 37.8m

Height: 8.9m

Wing Span: 28.5m

Lifespan: 20 years

Price: $44,000K


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