Athens is a large city located in Greece. It has very high tourism ratings that exceed 500 or more. Business ratings are slightly lower, but is still very high and range from between 300 to 450. The city will host the 2004 Summer Olympics and will experience a huge boom in passenger travel in and out of the city during the month of the Games.


The default airport here is Athens International Airport (ATH).


High tourism ratings will make this city one of the most competitive in the game. Beginners are advised not to start here. However, there is an abundance of routes one can open out of this city due to its strategic location in Europe which can be used to bridge gaps between Asia and America. Despite the intense competition, the city's high tourism ratings allows it to sustain the heavy competition and players can still make a decent income even in the presence of a few competitors. Recommendations above also applies to cargo operations.

It is not uncommon to see a second airport (sometimes a third) built here by the national government or another player. It is recommended to try to build the second airport here as Athens International Airport may attain maximum slot usage very quickly in the 1970s or 1980s. Purchase of the national airport here is also highly recommended, but should be done as soon as possible as many others also seek to take advantage of the huge amount of revenue available. The best times to buy or build the airport is during the economic crisis of 1970-1980 (for building) and 1990-2000 (for buying).

Like other large cities, the best planes to be used for passenger operations are the ones with high satisfaction. For routes to other similar sized cities as Athens, the Airbus A380 or the Boeing 747 are good choices. Routes to smaller sized cities can use the medium capacity aircrafts such as the McDonnell Douglas DC-10, Ilyushin IL-96 or the Boeing 767. Small capacity planes are not recommended due to the city's high tourism ratings which can overwhelm the lone plane due to it's tiny capacity and may result in multiple planes being needed to serve the route. This may result in increased depreciation to the airline.

A player can take advantage of the 2004 Summer Games by adding temporary planes and/or raising prices to passenger routes into and/or out of Athens to boost revenue during the month of the Games.

The best aircraft for short/regional route is dc8, dc9, dc10-40, 727, 737.

The best aircraft for medium route is 757, 767, 777, 787, a330

The best aircraft for long range route is a330, a340, a350, a380, 767, 777, 787, 747

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